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Make your QR codes your own with our creative suite. Create backgrounds for your devices and online meetings, but also for example your unique e-mail signature.

Share anything, instantly

Instantly share your info with a tap, scan, or send them. Share contact info, social media, websites, payment apps, files, videos and more.


NFC chip

Tap your card on a phone and share or retrieve information contactlessly.


QR code

Open your camera and scan the QR code for older phones.



Send your information via text message, email, Airdrop, email signatures, Zoom backgrounds, iPhone widgets and more.

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Share anything, instantly
Tap ID packed with magic
Tap ID packed with magic

You can link QR codes and/or NFC cards and stickers to a Tap ID. With your Tap ID you manage what your QR code or NFC products should do next. For example, refer to a website or display your digital business card. Keep statistics of all scans and taps.

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Grow your business with and Plingspot

Plingspot is there for hospitality, catering, retail and everything in between. Manage accommodations, speed up daily actions such as automatic check-in and check-out. Let guests of your restaurant or cafe order and pay digitally directly at the table. Convert your satisfied guests into more bookings, reservations and positive reviews.

Upgrade your way of connecting with your guests, contacts and leads today

Upgrade your way of connecting with your guests, contacts and leads today

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Top 4 NFC use cases

NFC, also known as near field communication, is the technology that makes it possible for two devices to communicate with each other when th...

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