Show the world who you are and what you do

Designed for creatives, leaders, sales and networkers. offers you more than a 'normal' business card. It collects statistics, protects the planet and gives you creative freedom to display your information the way you want. Change your custom page at any time.

Share your Instagram posts, favorite Spotify artists, CV and portfolio

The business card is made to serve as both your business and private business card. It is of course up to you what you do and do not want to share, but with your latest Instagram posts and your dportfolio, you can go in all directions.

All your social and professional details in one place

You can have your preferred name, pronouns, and any accreditations on your digital business card. Add a picture of yourself, so people remember who you are. Include your social media accounts, a company logo, Youtube, Whatsapp, PDFs, and more.

More features
Create unlimited digital business cards
Personalize cards
Upload your resume
Add social media to cards
Admin control over employee cards
Unlimited card sharing
Add personal URL
Share your top Spotify artists
Add portfolio with images
Share contact details with one click
Add your competencies and interests
Integrate Plingspot features

Share contact information with a single tap

With your digital business card linked to the Smart Card, you can share all your contact details with one tap. But not just your contact details, your digital business card shows who you are and what you can do, both privately and professionally. Networking takes on a whole new dimension with your personal Smart Card.

Smart digital business card, possibly linked to NFC products or QR codes to quickly display your data.
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