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We are growing fast. So fast that we constantly need many new colleagues. We are a greenhouse with fun and new ideas that are rolled out to our current and many new customers. We could never achieve all of this without you. Are you entrepreneurial and do you want to become an entrepreneur within a company? is part of the Digital Workstore. Digital Workstore is a company that builds and deploys technology ecosystems while working as digital nomads.

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Young Talent Program

Digital Workstore offers two types of internships: graduation internships (research internships) and follow-up internships. You can only do an internship with us if you follow a course that includes an internship. When your training has been completed, you can also register as a starter.


Fixed weekly contact moments

One fixed day a week you work all day with the other trainees and colleagues. You follow training courses together, share experiences and work together on internal and external projects.


Cool activities and events

Online and offline events, national and international with the young talents among themselves and with the entire Digital Workstore team.


1-on-1 attention

From a buddy who has also followed the Young Talent program and from a mentor / supervisor on your assignment.

You belong

At we celebrate inclusion, equality and love for all. Whoever you are or want to be, you are welcome and accepted. We don't judge, gay, queer, he, she, it, live the way you want.