Everything starts with a Tap ID

Whether you use a physical card or sticker with NFC or a dynamic QR code, everything is linked to Tap IDs so you can always change the action.

Digital Tap IDs
No physical products required

Do more with smarter QR codes.

Physical Tap IDs
Near field communication

Share whatever you want with one NFC tap.

Works together with your favourite Plingspot products

The world's most advanced digital business card for modern networking

Share contact information with a single tap

With your digital business card linked to the Smart Card, you can share all your contact details with one tap. But not just your contact details, your digital business card shows who you are and what you can do, both privately and professionally. Networking takes on a whole new dimension with your personal Smart Card.

Smart digital business card, possibly linked to NFC products or QR codes to quickly display your data.

Next generation QR Codes

Smart QR codes, made simple

The high resolution of the QR codes and the powerful design options make tap.fyi one of the best QR code generators on the web that can be used for commercial and print purposes.

Everything you are, in one page

The easiest way to update and share your information. Help your customers find all the information about your business that is available online in one convenient location.

Innovate with tap.fyi's cutting edge products

Industry leading platform for sharing any content. Instant onboarding. Try tap.fyi free with five Tap ID's, without any obligations. Switch plans or cancel any time.

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