Top 10 reasons to start using Pling Cards

Paper business cards are bad for the environment. By choosing a digital business card, you cut down on the use of paper and help save the environment.

Top 10 reasons to start using Pling Cards
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#1. Sustainable: No Paper Cards

Paper business cards are bad for the environment. By choosing a digital business card, you cut down on the use of paper and help save the environment. Many people may not be aware of the impact that the manufacture of paper products has on the environment. When purchasing paper business cards, you are contributing to these negative effects on our planet. With Pling Cards, you are able to significantly reduce your contribution to paper pollution. Why waste hundreds of paper cards when you can use only one?

#2. With Just One Tap You Can Immediately Share Your Contact Details

People use business cards to share contact information in a fast and convenient way. But what if there is a more convenient way to do so? By sharing your digital business card, you exchange contact information in just one tap. This way, you are guaranteed that your contact will always have your details with them. Your business card will never gather dust in their office desk drawer ever again. 

#3. No App Is Required For Both Sharing And Receiving Contact Information

Pling Cards made sure that neither the sharing or receiver is in need of an application. The digital business card makes use of NFC technology, which allows to transfer contact information from one device to another with one simple tap. 

#4. Have All Your Details In One Place

From your Social Media accounts to portfolio or CV, you are able to place almost any link on your Pling Card. Share your portfolio to potential clients as an artist or share contact information with your new business partner. Anything is possible with a digital business card.

#5. Track The Growth Of Your Network Through Dashboards And Charts

With the help of Pling Cards, you are able to have insights on your network growth. View completed activities to determine what works and what doesn't or track measurable results of network efforts to improve outcomes.

#6. More Creative Leeway

Almost all paper business cards look alike. They might differ in color or the different kinds of paper, but moreover they look the same. Digital Business cards allow you to be more creative when it comes to sharing personal information with others. You are not fixed to one small piece of paper. Instead you can use your unlimited imagination. You will never be limited to space ever again. 

#7. Save Money. Stop Printing Hundreds Of Expensive Paper Disposable Cards Every Year

Premium paper business cards are expensive. Each time you hand one out, you basically lose money. Your paper cards get invalidated once you have to change something on the card. You have to throw all of the old cards away and purchase a new set of cards. However, if you would use a digital business card, you would be able to edit any information right away. No need to purchase a new set of cards.

#8. Save Time 

Integrate your network tools with your HR systems and never worry about ordering business cards again. If you want to make a few edits on your business card, you are able to do it right away instead of having to wait for a whole new batch to arrive. Besides that, you don’t have to manually key in someone's phone number. One tap and you have it in your phone. Time is money.

#9. Automatically Enter New Contacts Into Your CRM

By automatically entering new contacts into your CRM you are able to capture more leads, close more deals dnd watch your sales grow. Each business or professional strives to be successful. Pling Cards will help you achieve your goals with deeper insights which paper business cards could never offer you. 

#10. Stand Out From The Crowd

Not many people have a digital business card, which is a huge advantage. When networking at a business event, people tend to remember who you were due to the use of your digital business card. It’s something people tend to remember which is a plus when it comes to networking.

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