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Top 4 NFC use cases

NFC, also known as near field communication, is the technology that makes it possible for two devices to communicate with each other when they are held close to each other.

Top 4 NFC use cases
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I have never heard of NFC, what does it mean?

NFC, also known as near field communication, is the technology that makes it possible for two devices to communicate with each other when they are held close to each other. A familiar example to most people is contactless payments. The technology allows contactless data transfers between two devices. 

When using this technology, one device serves as the transmitter while the other device acts as the receiver. For example, A Pling Card that is empowered by NFC technology, is able to send a link to a smartphone which takes you to a specific landing page. It only requires a smart tag to work if you tap your smartphone against the PlingCard. 

How common is NFC?

NFC technology is used very often in our daily lives. The technology is used more often than you would probably expect it to be. A great example is the use of Apple Pay. The technology has experienced a huge rise in demand these recent years. Experts suggest that this has to do with the rise of contactless mobile payments. Nowadays, 90 percent of all top selling smartphones have integrated NFC technology. 

NFC is a fast developing market. With big brands such as Google and Samsung onboard, it will push the market to develop even faster. Apple is one of the frontrunners when it comes to this technology. Besides Apple Pay, the brand utilizes smart technology for other purposes. At their Apple Worldwide Developers Conference, the brand made use of NFC technology for attendee credentials instead of ‘normal’ tickets with a barcode on it. This massive shift is huge for this space. 

Even KFC made use of this technology in one of their more recent campagnes. The company created NFC embedded posters. People were able to tap their phone against the poster and it would guide them to a nearby KFC restaurant in the area. 

Top 4 Use Cases

#1 NFC Restaurant Menus

NFC has been a great innovative solution for the restaurant industry. By making use of this technology, customers are able to order directly from the table. After ordering, the customer is able to pay for their order directly. Customers can find a NFC enabled card on each table. While holding their phone above the card, it will take the customer to a specific page or order menu. Pling Eats can be utilised to allow customers to order food and pay directly from their table. The staff in the restaurant will receive a notification of the order.  

#2 NFC Self Check-In

NFC technology has also entered the hospitality industry. With the help of this technology you can for example open smartphone-compatible doors at a BnB or hotel you are staying at. Pling Stay is a platform that offers these services. The technology is also used to send guests directly to a landing page which offers them more information on the stay. For example, room service or check-out times. 

#3 NFC Business Cards

The business world is a very competitive space. Making a great first impression is therefore very important. Paper business cards are outdated. Instead it is wise to build long lasting relationships in a new way. Business cards embedded with NFC technology are an innovative solution which transforms old school business cards into digital interactivity use cases. By making use of Pling Cards you add value to your business card and change the way you market yourself. Pling Cards offers you a digital business card that reduces costs and offers you effective means of communication. 

#4 NFC Smart WiFi

NFC technology is very versatile. Everyone knows the struggle of entering a café and having to ask for the WiFi code. It’s not ideal. Pling WiFi offers the possibility to offer guests direct access to the WiFi through the use of NFC and QR technology. Guests can tap their phone to the smart tag and it will directly give them access to the WiFi. If the guest cannot use this technology, the customer can scan a QR code.

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