Next generation QR Codes

Do so much more with smarter dynamic QR codes.

With there’s a way to create a QR Code without having the need to build your own website or page. Our QR Codes can be linked to pre-build landing pages designed to be displayed beautifully across any device.

With pages of you can easily create any type of landing page for your QR-code. For example a PDF-menu, a landing page with an overview of all your offers or even connect to your WiFi.

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Next generation QR Codes
The forward-thinking QR tools of

Never just black and white anymore

The forward-thinking QR tools of

Show off your company logo and colors on your QR Codes and attract more scans. Select your style of QR-code, dots, squares. Change your logo size, invert your QR-code, add frames. Anything is possible without needing any design knowledge.

When your all done styling your QR-code, you can download a full kit with different file types or customize whatever size and file type you wish to download.

Do more with QR code frames

More scans with frames.

By adding our call-to-action frames, you can urge your audience to take an action such as “Scan me”, “View menu”, “Rate us”, and more.

You can download the frames in any format, complete with your QR code incorporated in any format and any size. All you have to do is choose the best frame for you.

Do more with QR-codes
Scan me

Link your QR code to the pages below, among others

More features
Create unlimited QR codes
Make changes, even after print
High-resolution, no matter what they’re printed on
Track how many people scanned your QR codes
Perfect for companies, but also for individuals
Unlimited sharing of your QR codes
Get more positive reviews
Multilingual PDF menus linked to one QR code