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Our service has a beginning, but no end. From our very first meeting, we will advise and assist you and personally guide you through the entire process. Nothing is too much for us. The real service actually only starts after the kitchen has been delivered to your full satisfaction.


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The digital dynamic menu is playful, modern and has a powerful appearance. By using your own images and icons, the products are easier to find. This menu is suitable for a lunchroom, beach pavilion, restaurant and much more.

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Herbeys's Chocolate

Together with farmers and businesses, we are working for a fairer future in chocolate.

Most cocoa farmers do not earn enough to cover their basic needs. This is in part due to unreliable market prices and an unfair supply chain.

In recent years, the price of cocoa beans has slumped. Disease and age are damaging cocoa trees, while climate change is making crops harder to grow.

Welcome at Jennifer's flowers

Please see below our current offers.

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Bouquet Deluxe

This spectacular bouquet is a gift guaranteed to impress!

sell From €48,- for €36,-!


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From placing your short stay to offering a canoe trip, everything is possible. Post your accommodations, products, activities and services and let them shine. Show your offers with a simple click and sell more.

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With NFC combined with smart software from Plingspot you can make your company work smarter. Do you offer short stay? For example, automate your check-in and check-out process completely contactless, but all other tap.fyi services also work seamlessly with our NFC products.

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Tim's Coffee

35 N Main St, Bangor, PA 18013
Helped by: Garrett
Indian Chai Latte - Grande

6588 4755 3256 544 21


VISA CREDIT      ************2992

Thank you for your visit!


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